Banquet chair ST370

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The navy blue upholstery with yellow dots, connected to the frame lacquered in metallic gold is suitable both for the conferences and banquets. The chair is perfect for everyday use without the cover, as well as with the cover on the banquets. The applied upholstery is easy to clean and the triple coating of the frame gives it a lasting, fresh look.


– Chairs are stackable up to 18 pieces. Owing to it, you can store a large number of chairs in a small area.
– Chairs are strong. The REMODEX durability certificate ensures their endurance to the load of 163 kg.
– Chairs are lightweight. You can arrange the chairs in the room with the capacity of hundreds of persons without much effort. Practical handle mounted on the back facilitates holding the chair.


– Robust steel frame 19 x 19 mm. The wall thickness of 1.2 mm is the most powerful frame on the market.
– Additional beam reinforcing the construction reduces rocking of the chair to zero.
– Three-layer coating provides an elegant appearance and durability resulting from the additional protective layer.
– Comfortable seat made of polyurethane foam which does not sag provides the comfort of use for a long time.
– Scratch-resistant floor protectors on the chair legs. A special material does not leave scratches on the floor, regardless of its type.


– 3 years warranty.
– The REMODEX durability certificate.