Technical details

  • dimensionally stable thanks to embedded fibres
  • flame-retardant
  • EN 13501-1, Cfl-s1
  • 100% vinyl
  • thicknesse 1,4mm
  • appr. 15 and 20lm rolls
  • width 200 cm
  • double-sided use
  • 1600 g/m²


For everyone who finds CONSOR a bit too heavy and ColorX 150 a bit too narrow, but still values the benefits of a dance surface with mineral fibre insert.


·Stage and dance carpet with double sided use.·very robust covering for high mechanical demands·due to its hard surface COLORX 200PLUS is also suitable for dances such as flamenco and tap·very suitable as a protective covering for delicate floors such as in gym halls·rapid flat position after unrolling·perfect dimensional stability even after changes in temperature.·Dimensional change to breadth/length after 12 hour relaxation period (EN 434) max.: ≤ 0.3%·Residual impression (EN 443) : ≤0.15 mm·sliding friction coefficient odry EN 13893: μ ≥ 0.67owet EN13893: μ ≥ 0.49oin accordance with DIN V 18032-2: 0.52·resistance to chemicals (EN 423): excellent·Manufacture EU-product, quality assured according to DIN-EN-9001