High-End dance carpet and stage surface with increased strength and weight for a better and smoother surface increased safety through embossing on surfacethe matt surface illuminates very well under lighting


High standing safety through specially embossed surfaceSilk matt embossed surface, optimum for lightingDancers value the compact, non-slip, and joint-friendly surface with optimum friction valuesImmediately perfect flat position, easy unrolling and rolling up, storage and transportationParticularly stable dimensions due to mineral fibre insertChanges in measurements of breadth/width after 12 hour relaxation time (EN 434) max. ≤ 0.3%Residual impression (EN 433) : max. 0.15 mmsliding friction coefficient dry EN 13893: μ ≥ 0.67wet EN13893: μ ≥ 0.49in accordance with DIN V 18032-2: 0.8resistance to chemicals (EN 423): excellentManufacture EU-product, quality assured according to DIN-EN-9001