(Latviešu) Tehniskie dati :

  • Ugunsdroša
  • EN 13501-1, Cfl-s1
  • 100 % vinils
  • Biezums – 3,2 mm
  • Ruļļa garums – 15 un 20 m
  • Ruļļa platums – 15 m
  • Vienpusēji lietojama
  • 2400 g/m²


High-end dance carpet, especially for use in ballet halls or on tour

modern, very comfortable dance surfaceprotects dancers’ joints and tendons; Drosselmeyer offers dance comfort through a 3mm foam backing, which is not achievable with a thinner backing.The silk matt surface is extremely robust and non-slip, yet smooth enough however to prevent friction burns.Mineral fibre reinforcement makes the Drosselmeyer dance surface particularly dimensionally stable and lies perfectly flat.The durable, high elasticity caters for repeated rapid rolling and unrolling for mobile use. Changes in measurements of breadth/length after 12 hour relaxation period (EN 434) max. ≤0.4%Wear resistance (EN 660-1) DI: ≤0.08 mmSliding friction coefficient dry EN 13893: μ ≥ 0.73in accordance with DIN V 18032-2: 0.6Manufacture EU-Product, quality assured according to DIN-EN-9001