The comfortable all round flooring for everything from ballet halls to event venues rapid flat position for dance, stage and event use.lots of colours in stockAlso suitable as a protective covering for delicate underlay!


Silk matt surface, easy to illuminate.High durability with quality guaranteeimmediate perfectly flat positiongood insulation of footfall soundjoint friendly.Dancers appreciate the soft and comfortable surface.rapid flat position after rolling outperfect dimensional stability even after changes in temperature.19 colours in stockChanges in measurement in breadth/length in 12 hour relaxation time (EN 434) max.: ≤ 0.4%Residual impression (EN 443) : ≤0.2 mmsliding friction coefficient dry EN 13893: μ ≥ 0.60wet EN13893: μ ≥ 0.45in accordance with DIN V 18032-2: 0.86resistance to chemicals (EN 423): excellentManufacture EU-product, quality assured according to DIN-EN-9001