Technical details

  • width 5 cm
  • 50lm rolls
  • block pricing valid for full PU only.


For use on delicate, smooth surfaces such as parquet. Upperside sticks more strongly than the undersidedeveloped for delicate, smooth surfacescolourless adhesiveCan be removed from most surfaces without leaving any residue.


Recommended formobile laying of dance, show and trade fair surfaces, as long as these are not transparent.Connection of surfaces, where sticking on the upperside is not possible, or not desired.Please note: For trade fair carpets 4-Expo VEL and 4-Expo RIP please use 4-EXPO-POWER-TAPE!WARNING for if used on stone floorsThese can absorb adhesive components and can affect appearance.4-Expo-Tape is optimised for protecting the floor and being residue-free. However, the type of underlay influences results. Prior to large scale use, tests should be carried out, especially in the case of very delicate, expensive or historic underlay.